Doing his Bit

Dear friends, family and discerning readers. Tonight my son Marcus is sleeping rough on the streets of Bournemouth in aid of the homeless. Please keep him in your thoughts tonight and if you are a religious person, please say a little prayer for him.

If you are one of those generous people who have donated money on his Just Giving page, my deepest, sincerest thanks. If perhaps you meant to, but other things got in the way, or if you would have donated but didn’t know about it, don’t worry! You can still donate, still make a difference and help Marcus and the AOK rucksack appeal to help those poor lost souls who are freezing on the streets of Britain this winter. Please click on the link, you can donate anonymously if you prefer, or leave him a message of support. The link is below, thank you for taking the trouble to read this and please, please share. X

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