Lantern Waste

Lantern Waste (100 words)

It begins with the cat. Tail curling, back arching, its proprietorial pavement strut a provocation too far for the watching mongrel stray. Flea-bitten and wretched, but still dog enough to take up the chase, he races across the street.

Tyres shriek, vehicles collide; sprinkling scrap metal from an overloaded truck. A short iron bar, rolling to the kerb is quickly concealed by the feathery winter flurry.

Beneath the frosty mantle, primordial magic begins to work. Ferrous roots spread downwards, a post emerges, rising from the drift.

At midnight’s chime, the lamp, full-grown, bathes the land in an eerie, spectral glow.

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This story was written for Friday Fictioneers, 26th March Edition. Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields on her blog: Addicted To Purple. To read some of the other stories posted this week click here.


    • Hi Rochelle, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. The lamp post growing through the snow was a reference to the Chronicles of Narnia, in which part of a lamp post is broken off in London and is dropped in Narnia, suffused with magic, where it grows into a new lamp post, giving rise to the region known as Lantern Waste. 😀


  1. I love your powers of description here and the misdirection. The “ferrous roots” that sprout into a magical lamp post that puts out what feels like an unholy light based on hints is surreal and so good.


  2. ‘Beneath the frosty mantle primordial magic begins to work.’ I love this. The story makes me want to believe in the magic… The description brought it all to life for me – the cat, the dog, the crash and that wonderful lamp post.

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    • I could do with a couple of those retractable lamps for my garden, although if they didn’t come on until midnight I suppose they would be more of a nuisance than a help! 😀

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