Tales from The Oddcast

The day I found that big ball of Marijuana under my loose floorboard I knew that the time had come to grasp the nettle and take some kind of definitive action. The owner of that huge chunk of pot would have to leave – I just needed to find out for certain who the owner was.

The Drug Dealer In My Attic

It was the kind of cold, wet, nasty November evening when you think that Summer will probably never come again. My phone began ringing around 10.30pm which I knew from experience could only mean trouble. I let it ring and ring until it went quiet, then I picked it up to see who had been […]

Doing his Bit

Dear friends, family and discerning readers. Tonight my son Marcus is sleeping rough on the streets of Bournemouth in aid of the homeless. Please keep him in your thoughts tonight and if you are a religious person, please say a little prayer for him. If you are one of those generous people who have donated […]


Photoprompt – Erin Leary The paper plane looped the loop before landing next to our pew. I snatched it up quick and read the spidery words: Churchyard 5am. Dillon. I glanced across the church to find Dillon’s gap-toothed grin and nodded back. “Don’t know why you hang around with that filthy scragg-a-muffin,” Ma always said, […]

Death of a Stranger

Last Friday night, In a single room on the third floor of a house in Bournemouth Town Centre, a young man I did not know and never met took his own life. His short, troubled life was brought to a sad and lonely end by a suspected overdose from non-prescription drugs. His death is all […]