WPC – Transient

I decided to take my camera with me to the beach when my wife and I went to walk the dogs with our youngest this evening. I didn’t know at that time what this week’s prompt was but I saw these clouds in an otherwise pretty clear sky and I thought I would capture them […]


Order #architecturephotography #london #iphone6s #photography #lookup #suspended #bridges #cityphotography #citylife via Instagram http://ift.tt/2sjLpWk I love this building. I look up and see this strange bridge across the street with all the beautiful detail arranged in such perfection and I wonder how strange it must feel to be inside, looking out on the world passing beneath […]

WPC – Graceful

This week’s prompt had me rummaging through my holiday snaps in search of a particular picture that would provide a plausible interpretation of Graceful. Had it not been for the photo Ben posted of the the blue filtered swans, I would almost certainly have come up with my own image of the same lovely birds […]


If there is a link to this week’s title it’s in the wonky headlights of the cross-eyed car that glared at me as I struggled to record the amazing array of colours in this April sunset. On another day I might have waited to get this shot from our house, with the beautiful field and […]


The photo I chose for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge was taken in southern Spain, not far from Benidorm. I often find that by zooming in on a single aspect of an image I find something I particularly enjoy. In this case it was when zooming in on the falling water and realizing how the […]

Quest – Weekly Photo Challenge

When I saw this week’s challenge I drew a complete blank. I couldn’t think of a link to any of the pictures I had taken recently and scrolled through a lot of images before I finally admitted defeat. Then, this evening I took my youngest son to Christchurch Quay to catch some Pokรฉmon. As we […]

Mirror – The Weekly Photo Challenge

I was travelling back to Christchurch from Ringwood one morning last week and found the road ahead of me gridlocked with tourists and angry locals all bumper to bumper, struggling to get onto the wessex way and facing a long, slow painful wait. I just had time to detour before I was committed to the […]

Cherry On Top

For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge I took this picture on a day when my wife and I took our youngest son to Kimmeridge Bay. We saw many beautiful things yesterday but for me Corfe Castle is such a magical and imposing sight it had to be be the Cherry On Top. ๐Ÿ™‚