Ignis Avem! Friday Fictioneers – 17/11/17


Photo copyright – J Hardy Carroll

Ignis Avem – (100 Words)

Charcoal and water shone black in the moonlight as Bateman picked his way through the charred ruins of the house, the old man’s warning echoing in his head – Ignis Avem!

“This is where the fire started.” The fireman said, pointing to a scorch-mark on what used to be the conservatory floor. “Did you have underfloor heating sir?”

Bateman nodded absently, stunned by the devastation.

Ignis Avem! The old man had shouted, as he’d stolen the egg from the nest, deep in the volcano caldera.

High above them, the shrill cry of the Phoenix carried on the air.


  1. That really is a different take on the prompt. Nice one. Nicely written, too, using sound as well as sight to describe the scene. The dialogue is very believable and fluent. The man’s mental state is shown clearly. The structure and pace are good. Like it!

    Liked by 1 person

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