The Drug Dealer in My Attic – Part Three

Listen to the final part of this story above, or read it below! Missed part 1? click here! Missed part 2? click here! In the eighteen years that I have been renting out property I have encountered many different characters from dozens of countries around the world. I have spent sleepless nights worrying whether I would […]

Tales from The Oddcast

The day I found that big ball of Marijuana under my loose floorboard I knew that the time had come to grasp the nettle and take some kind of definitive action. The owner of that huge chunk of pot would have to leave – I just needed to find out for certain who the owner was.

The Witness

Agent Stark smiled, crossed his legs and turned the page on his newspaper as Illinois blurred into Wisconsin through the grubby Hiawatha window. “Relax Trivet, we never lost a witness yet.”

The day Democracy died in Ecuador

My fellow human beings. Please read this post, look at the videos and share this story with everyone you know, because this story will not be told in the newspapers. Nor will not be shown on the news, because our government, and every government in the western world is busy turning a blind eye to […]

30 Minute Warning

Friday Fictioneers – 4th September 2015 30 Minute Warning (100 words) He’s gonna kill again,” she sobbed. “Hurry, there’s not much time!” Detective Markovitz rubbed his grizzled jaw and reached for his notebook. “OK, when and where?” he growled, shaking the fog of sleep from his weary mind. * * * “Look, there’s a light on […]


“Grey suit, red tie – don’t look up!” hissed Freddie at the bewildered Miranda, “He was there at La Sagrada and again on Las Ramblas, drink up!” The cup, grasped in trembling hands, chattered against her teeth. Six countries in four months yet they had found them again. A glass exploded on the bar startling her, […]


“I don’t understand, it was right around here.” Ansell scratched his jaw and scanned the field for the tree – their tree. Clouds of curling vapour issued from his mouth with each wheezing breath to unravel and disperse in the crisp morning air. His mind wandered back to warm summer days under that tree drinking […]