Into The Night

Jesus slid open the sash window and vaulted lightly over the sill onto the ironwork beyond. He could feel the shuddering continue through the soles of his pristine sneakers as he quietly closed the window, fading out the sound of his parents’ argument.

Fragments of My Father

I felt profoundly sad that day, and I realised that dementia was claiming my father piece by tiny piece, memory by memory, and with each one gone, a little more of him had died. I had begun to mourn him then, to prepare for the day I knew would come; a day I would be ready for.

Edison Criollo – The Dreams of A Latin Child

In the late 1990s, I ran a business with my wife, Loly, selling and distributing Ecuadorean fair trade handicrafts in the UK. Late in 1998, while on a trip to Otavalo Market to meet some of our suppliers, I noticed some indigenous paintings being sold by a young man who introduced himself as Javier Contreras. […]

England 0-0 Scotland – Match analysis

With a Wembley fixture, an expectant crowd and weather the players are accustomed to, England contrived to squander the benefits of home advantage in a fixture that underlined the constraints preventing this talented group from achieving greatness on the international stage. Southgate’s men showed some early promise, particularly through the craft and guile of Foden, […]

Little Feet

Nathan inhaled deeply and held his breath, allowing the chemicals in the smoke to pass into his bloodstream. He exhaled slowly, feeling the cool wave of intoxication that followed liberate his mind from the cage of reason. Under the covers at his side, thin bony fingers found the outside of his right thigh and slipped softly over the top of it to explore his groin. 

Lantern Waste

It begins with the cat. Tail curling, back arching, its proprietorial pavement strut a provocation too far for the watching mongrel stray. Flea-bitten and wretched, but still dog enough to take up the chase, he races across the street.