Will Macron save Brexit?

When Britain voted to leave the EU almost three years ago Theresa May should have told the British People and the world at large that we were leaving without a deal. Businesses and the Government would have had time to prepare and the public would have kept faith with the democratic process. Her slogans ‘Brexit […]

Doing his Bit

Dear friends, family and discerning readers. Tonight my son Marcus is sleeping rough on the streets of Bournemouth in aid of the homeless. Please keep him in your thoughts tonight and if you are a religious person, please say a little prayer for him. If you are one of those generous people who have donated […]

The day Democracy died in Ecuador

My fellow human beings. Please read this post, look at the videos and share this story with everyone you know, because this story will not be told in the newspapers. Nor will not be shown on the news, because our government, and every government in the western world is busy turning a blind eye to […]


Harris surveyed the carnage with quiet satisfaction. Blood flowed freely from his shattered nose yet he felt no pain. Ears ringing and hands shaking he sought his companion.

Anne of Chiswick

Six months after removing my article on Anne of Chiswick I have had a change of heart and put it back up for the public to read. Why? Because the decision I made at the time was in response to pressure I felt from a few aggressive individuals who resented what I had written and I […]