Fragments of My Father

I felt profoundly sad that day, and I realised that dementia was claiming my father piece by tiny piece, memory by memory, and with each one gone, a little more of him had died. I had begun to mourn him then, to prepare for the day I knew would come; a day I would be ready for.

The Drug Dealer in My Attic – Part Three

Listen to the final part of this story above, or read it below! Missed part 1? click here! Missed part 2? click here! In the eighteen years that I have been renting out property I have encountered many different characters from dozens of countries around the world. I have spent sleepless nights worrying whether I would […]

Tales from The Oddcast

The day I found that big ball of Marijuana under my loose floorboard I knew that the time had come to grasp the nettle and take some kind of definitive action. The owner of that huge chunk of pot would have to leave – I just needed to find out for certain who the owner was.

The Drug Dealer In My Attic

It was the kind of cold, wet, nasty November evening when you think that Summer will probably never come again. My phone began ringing around 10.30pm which I knew from experience could only mean trouble. I let it ring and ring until it went quiet, then I picked it up to see who had been […]

Just another day…

Today began as a typical day in the Dunford-Castro household. I woke up this morning to be told that there was no milk, and therefore there would be no tea until there was.  I got up and dressed in my usual pre-tea stupor and went to the local shop where I bought bread and milk, […]

Good News

Last year, I did a lot of thinking about what to do with my short stories after I have written them. The truth is that I very much like to share them, to put them up on my blog and hope that people will enjoy them and possibly comment. This is a great way of […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ascend

When I saw the subject of this week’s WPC, I was immediately reminded of our recent trip to Switzerland and our incredible train journey to Jungfrau Joch, the glacier at the top of Europe. I took this shot with my iPhone through the (thankfully very clean) train window because I was blown away by the […]

The Punishment Room

I decided after writing the longer version for this story that I would give you both to read, on the off chance you had sufficient time for another 235 words, I very much prefer it. You can find the full story below this week’s FF entry. Hope you enjoy 🙂 The Punishment Room (100 words) […]