The Path to Enlightenment

Welcome to this week’s offering for Friday Fictioneers. The task is to come up with a story in 100 words or less using the picture as a prompt. My story is below, I hope you enjoy it. At the bottom of the story is a link where you kind find other people’s stories to read. […]

The Noble Art

Photoprompt – copyright J Hardy Carrol The Noble Art (100 words) Mickey ‘the Bull’ watched his protégé spar. Thirty years in the game and he’d never had a prospect like Byron Thomas– the kid was a freak of nature. Now, with the challenger out, Mickey had got the call and Byron was on the brink […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ascend

When I saw the subject of this week’s WPC, I was immediately reminded of our recent trip to Switzerland and our incredible train journey to Jungfrau Joch, the glacier at the top of Europe. I took this shot with my iPhone through the (thankfully very clean) train window because I was blown away by the […]

WPC – Transient

I decided to take my camera with me to the beach when my wife and I went to walk the dogs with our youngest this evening. I didn’t know at that time what this week’s prompt was but I saw these clouds in an otherwise pretty clear sky and I thought I would capture them […]

God’s Instrument

Photo by Kevin Chach – Basurero Zona 3 Guatemala City,  google maps God’s Instrument  (150 words) – Micro Fiction “What is this, Nicolas?” Manuel looked at the flyer his son had brought him. “They’re offering free violin lessons after school,” said his son, “but I need an instrument.” Manuel shook his head. “I told you […]


Order #architecturephotography #london #iphone6s #photography #lookup #suspended #bridges #cityphotography #citylife via Instagram I love this building. I look up and see this strange bridge across the street with all the beautiful detail arranged in such perfection and I wonder how strange it must feel to be inside, looking out on the world passing beneath […]

The Punishment Room

I decided after writing the longer version for this story that I would give you both to read, on the off chance you had sufficient time for another 235 words, I very much prefer it. You can find the full story below this week’s FF entry. Hope you enjoy 🙂 The Punishment Room (100 words) […]

Brave New World

Can you come up with a story in 100 words or less using this picture as a prompt? Of course you can! So what are you waiting for? Click on the blue frog to upload your tale and join the Friday Fictioneers  led by Rochelle over at addicted to purple, but first hopefully you will stick […]

High Tide

copyright – Ted Strutz High Tide – 100 Words Stan forced a swollen eye open through a crust of dried blood and ran a tentative tongue over the broken stumps of his teeth. Despite his injuries he felt elated, he had double-crossed the Martello clan and lived! He tried to get up but couldn’t, he was […]