Order #architecturephotography #london #iphone6s #photography #lookup #suspended #bridges #cityphotography #citylife via Instagram http://ift.tt/2sjLpWk I love this building. I look up and see this strange bridge across the street with all the beautiful detail arranged in such perfection and I wonder how strange it must feel to be inside, looking out on the world passing beneath […]

WPC – Graceful

This week’s prompt had me rummaging through my holiday snaps in search of a particular picture that would provide a plausible interpretation of Graceful. Had it not been for the photo Ben posted of the the blue filtered swans, I would almost certainly have come up with my own image of the same lovely birds […]

Tiny – WPC

I was struggling to think of something to photograph for this week’s challenge when fate intervened. We found a common frog in the utility and decided that as we didn’t have a pond we would keep it for our youngest son who wanted a pet frog. We sought the advice of a friend of mine who […]


If there is a link to this week’s title it’s in the wonky headlights of the cross-eyed car that glared at me as I struggled to record the amazing array of colours in this April sunset. On another day I might have waited to get this shot from our house, with the beautiful field and […]


The photo I chose for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge was taken in southern Spain, not far from Benidorm. I often find that by zooming in on a single aspect of an image I find something I particularly enjoy. In this case it was when zooming in on the falling water and realizing how the […]


This weeks photo challenge gave me the chance to use one of my favourite recent beach shots. I have played with image elsewhere using Prisma to apply some interesting filters but this is the first time I have put the original out there to be seen. I like this shot because of the perspective, taken […]


I don’t know why but I thought I would write a short poem for this prompt, typical kiddy style rhyming  nonsense that was meant to be light-hearted but wound up looking a bit bitter and twisted, God only knows why! For the record, this is pure fiction and any similarity between persons alive or otherwise […]