Lantern Waste

It begins with the cat. Tail curling, back arching, its proprietorial pavement strut a provocation too far for the watching mongrel stray. Flea-bitten and wretched, but still dog enough to take up the chase, he races across the street.

The Path to Enlightenment

Welcome to this week’s offering for Friday Fictioneers. The task is to come up with a story in 100 words or less using the picture as a prompt. My story is below, I hope you enjoy it. At the bottom of the story is a link where you kind find other people’s stories to read. […]

The Contract

“You mean I just sign that, and I’ll be able to walk again?” Linda rolled the wheelchair forwards and picked up the contract. “How much is this gonna cost me?” The salesman smiled, “not a penny in this life ma’am, we collect post-mortem.” “From my estate?” “You could put it that way.” “Well, I guess […]

The Argument

“We should get someone out to fix it, Mum and Dad will be here in a few hours.” “Honey every couple fight sometimes, we’ll tell them it was an accident.” It was an accident, I meant to hit you!” “Well, then it’s a good job your aim is as bad as your temper.” “Maybe, but […]

The Witness

Agent Stark smiled, crossed his legs and turned the page on his newspaper as Illinois blurred into Wisconsin through the grubby Hiawatha window. “Relax Trivet, we never lost a witness yet.”

The Break-up

 “Do you remember our first date?” she asked, as they admired the waterfall.

“Of course,” he smiled, “it was right here. You got drunk and nearly drowned.”

“I couldn’t swim, you saved my life. I felt…”

“Indebted to me?” he grinned.

The Spirit Guide

“Day and night cannot dwell together!” Spotted Bear rose from the table and strode angrily from the house. “Please Papa,” Christina called after him, “you’re more alike than you know.” Her husband John gently placed his hand on her swelling womb, her restless skin rippling beneath his touch. As Spotted Bear walked off his fury […]

The Noble Art

Photoprompt – copyright J Hardy Carrol The Noble Art (100 words) Mickey ‘the Bull’ watched his protégé spar. Thirty years in the game and he’d never had a prospect like Byron Thomas– the kid was a freak of nature. Now, with the challenger out, Mickey had got the call and Byron was on the brink […]