Just another day…

Today began as a typical day in the Dunford-Castro household. I woke up this morning to be told that there was no milk, and therefore there would be no tea until there was.  I got up and dressed in my usual pre-tea stupor and went to the local shop where I bought bread and milk, […]

God’s Instrument

Photo by Kevin Chach – Basurero Zona 3 Guatemala City,  google maps God’s Instrument  (150 words) – Micro Fiction “What is this, Nicolas?” Manuel looked at the flyer his son had brought him. “They’re offering free violin lessons after school,” said his son, “but I need an instrument.” Manuel shook his head. “I told you […]

The Punishment Room

I decided after writing the longer version for this story that I would give you both to read, on the off chance you had sufficient time for another 235 words, I very much prefer it. You can find the full story below this week’s FF entry. Hope you enjoy 🙂 The Punishment Room (100 words) […]


After a family wedding, a  fabulous Christmas and three weeks spent in sunny Ecuador, South America, I wouldn’t say that familia Dunford Castro were aching for the grey skies of Inglaterra, but we were certainly looking forward to seeing our beloved Chihuahua, Hercules. So much so in fact that just two days after our return […]

Daily Prompt – No, thank you

Daily Prompt – No, Thank You.  If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why? There are lots of words that people use in everyday conversation today that I find irritating. It isn’t so much the words that offend me as the context, or lack thereof, in which […]

In the company of ghosts

Brian Orman 04/03/1934 – 11/05/2014 Today at 3pm, compelled by love, respect, compassion and duty, a family came together. Like so many seeds scattered on the wind we have each blown our separate ways, to land where we will and set down our own fragile roots. Years pass, relationships blossom and develop and others, once […]

The Game

“Shh, he’ll hear you!” she whispered. A quick puff on my inhaler and the tickle that threatened to betray us subsided. He swept the room with his single, monstrous eye and his gaze fixed upon the stray foot that somehow would not fit beneath the mountain of cushions.

The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

Today somebody I know sent me a link to this amazing video and I thought I would like to share it with you. This is a wonderful uplifting short video about some ordinary people doing amazing things. If you can manage to spare one minute to watch you will be in for a treat. Please […]

In the Nick of Time.

Daily Prompt: Twilight Zone by Krista on February 28, 2014 Ever have an experience that felt surreal, as though you’d been suddenly transported into the twilight zone, where time seemed to warp, perhaps slowing down or speeding up? The year was 1996 and it was almost Christmas. It was almost a year since I began dating […]