Weekly Photo Challenge – Ascend

When I saw the subject of this week’s WPC, I was immediately reminded of our recent trip to Switzerland and our incredible train journey to Jungfrau Joch, the glacier at the top of Europe. I took this shot with my iPhone through the (thankfully very clean) train window because I was blown away by the […]

Ignis Avem!

Photo copyright – J Hardy Carroll Charcoal and water shone black in the moonlight as Bateman picked his way through the charred ruins of the house, the old man’s warning echoing in his head – Ignis Avem! “This is where the fire started.” The fireman said, pointing to a scorch-mark on what used to be […]

WPC – Transient

I decided to take my camera with me to the beach when my wife and I went to walk the dogs with our youngest this evening. I didn’t know at that time what this week’s prompt was but I saw these clouds in an otherwise pretty clear sky and I thought I would capture them […]


Order #architecturephotography #london #iphone6s #photography #lookup #suspended #bridges #cityphotography #citylife via Instagram http://ift.tt/2sjLpWk I love this building. I look up and see this strange bridge across the street with all the beautiful detail arranged in such perfection and I wonder how strange it must feel to be inside, looking out on the world passing beneath […]

High Tide

copyright – Ted Strutz High Tide – 100 Words Stan forced a swollen eye open through a crust of dried blood and ran a tentative tongue over the broken stumps of his teeth. Despite his injuries he felt elated, he had double-crossed the Martello clan and lived! He tried to get up but couldn’t, he was […]

WPC – Graceful

This week’s prompt had me rummaging through my holiday snaps in search of a particular picture that would provide a plausible interpretation of Graceful. Had it not been for the photo Ben posted of the the blue filtered swans, I would almost certainly have come up with my own image of the same lovely birds […]

Tiny – WPC

I was struggling to think of something to photograph for this week’s challenge when fate intervened. We found a common frog in the utility and decided that as we didn’t have a pond we would keep it for our youngest son who wanted a pet frog. We sought the advice of a friend of mine who […]


The photo I chose for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge was taken in southern Spain, not far from Benidorm. I often find that by zooming in on a single aspect of an image I find something I particularly enjoy. In this case it was when zooming in on the falling water and realizing how the […]