England 0-0 Scotland – Match analysis

With a Wembley fixture, an expectant crowd and weather the players are accustomed to, England contrived to squander the benefits of home advantage in a fixture that underlined the constraints preventing this talented group from achieving greatness on the international stage. Southgate’s men showed some early promise, particularly through the craft and guile of Foden, […]

The Contract

“You mean I just sign that, and I’ll be able to walk again?” Linda rolled the wheelchair forwards and picked up the contract. “How much is this gonna cost me?” The salesman smiled, “not a penny in this life ma’am, we collect post-mortem.” “From my estate?” “You could put it that way.” “Well, I guess […]

The Oddcast, Season 2

Hey, good to see you, how are you? No I didn’t die, and I am sorry if I neglected you, but I am here now. There, there, I will try not to stay away so long in the future. What do you mean? Of course I care about you! Look, I’ve got you something, I […]

The Oddcast – Episode 2

The second episode of my new podcast is now out and features the story, The Diorama. The Diorama placed 2nd in the last Ruth Rendell Short Story Competition and you can read a text version on this blog site tomorrow, when I get around to posting it. 😀 You can listen to the Diorama on […]

Just another day…

Today began as a typical day in the Dunford-Castro household. I woke up this morning to be told that there was no milk, and therefore there would be no tea until there was.  I got up and dressed in my usual pre-tea stupor and went to the local shop where I bought bread and milk, […]

Today I attended the Ruth Rendell Short Story Award at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond , London where I was attending as one of the three finalists. It was a fantastic occasion and a completely new experience for me. The majority of those attending were actors or writers and it was the first time […]

The Noble Art

Photoprompt – copyright J Hardy Carrol The Noble Art (100 words) Mickey ‘the Bull’ watched his protégé spar. Thirty years in the game and he’d never had a prospect like Byron Thomas– the kid was a freak of nature. Now, with the challenger out, Mickey had got the call and Byron was on the brink […]