Edison Criollo – The Dreams of A Latin Child

In the late 1990s, I ran a business with my wife, Loly, selling and distributing Ecuadorean fair trade handicrafts in the UK. Late in 1998, while on a trip to Otavalo Market to meet some of our suppliers, I noticed some indigenous paintings being sold by a young man who introduced himself as Javier Contreras. […]

The Break-up

 “Do you remember our first date?” she asked, as they admired the waterfall.

“Of course,” he smiled, “it was right here. You got drunk and nearly drowned.”

“I couldn’t swim, you saved my life. I felt…”

“Indebted to me?” he grinned.

The Spirit Guide

“Day and night cannot dwell together!” Spotted Bear rose from the table and strode angrily from the house. “Please Papa,” Christina called after him, “you’re more alike than you know.” Her husband John gently placed his hand on her swelling womb, her restless skin rippling beneath his touch. As Spotted Bear walked off his fury […]

Empty Nest

Photo prompt © Douglas M. MacIlroy Empty Nest (100 words) Empty nest syndrome, the counsellor had called it. Get yourselves a hobby, he’d told them. Now Malcolm sat in his workshop, talking to his birds – ‘the man cave’ Marjorie had mockingly labelled it – and tried not to think about his wife, or her […]

Visiting Time

This story was inspired by the prompt, though it may be hard to see a connection. I imagined a shooting at the diner in the photo leading to the incarceration of one of the characters and the inevitable strain placed on a relationship when people are forcibly separated. I am  of course typically late to […]

The Break-up

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy “If I can’t have you no-one will.” His words echoed in her head, as the mantle of darkness that had fallen like a curtain over her consciousness lifted, to be replaced by the dull, metronomic throb of the wound above her left ear. The faint odour of […]

In the company of ghosts

Brian Orman 04/03/1934 – 11/05/2014 Today at 3pm, compelled by love, respect, compassion and duty, a family came together. Like so many seeds scattered on the wind we have each blown our separate ways, to land where we will and set down our own fragile roots. Years pass, relationships blossom and develop and others, once […]

Journey’s End

Welcome all to this weeks Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The idea is to write a story that has a beginning a middle and an end in as close as possible to 100 words from the weekly photo prompt supplied. I hope you all enjoy. 🙂 Copyright Ted Strutz Journey’s End (100 Words) Anne […]