Island – The Daily Prompt


“No man is an island,” she said, only one corner of her mouth upturned, as if the other side gave evidence of the lack of her conviction.

I said nothing, for nothing came to mind. I did not wish to lend the impression that my mood had lightened, or my resolution softened, yet I ate the eggs she laid before me in thoughtful silence.

It wasn’t that my anger was dissipating, but the body does need sustenance and the eggs, after all, were good.

“Are you busy today?” she enquired, as I ruminated and savoured, grudgingly enjoying the contents of my plate.

“No.” I managed curtly, balancing the need to reply with a minimalist approach to reinforce my disapproval of her recent behaviour.

“Only I thought that we might go for a walk together in the forest, and maybe a spot of lunch at the Green Man. It’s supposed to be very good there.”

I took a sip of tea and thought for a moment. “I suppose we could.” I answered, ignoring the little angry voice that protested against her scheme.

“Or,” she smiled mischievously, “I could make a picnic and bring a blanket, they say its going to be hot today.”

I finished my plate and looked at her, I couldn’t stay angry forever. That, after all, would just be childish. “Ok,” I said and smiled, “That would be nice.”

The Daily Prompt – Island



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