I don’t know why but I thought I would write a short poem for this prompt, typical kiddy style rhyming  nonsense that was meant to be light-hearted but wound up looking a bit bitter and twisted, God only knows why!

For the record, this is pure fiction and any similarity between persons alive or otherwise is purely accidental! OK, disclaimer out the way, here it is…


False – The Daily Prompt


Painted hair and painted lips,

Acrylic nails on finger tips.

Threaded brow and bottled tan,

All to snare a better man.


Vivid coloured contact lens,

Highlighted by eye-line pens.

Push-up bra and six-inch heel,

To lend a better sex appeal.


She’s all a lie, a fraud, a fake,

To take her home is your mistake.

The dawn will bring a different view,

You’ll wake up next to someone new.



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