The Day My Blog Went Bananas

I never thought I would see the day…

Best Ever


What happened here? I have no idea, but for some reason my post The Bag Lady of Chiswick struck a chord with readers of… Twitter! That’s right I said Twitter. Not WordPress.Β It slipped quietly under the radar for WordPress readers who barely seemed to notice it.

Thank goodness for the Twitterati who came in their thousands to give me my best day ever on WordPress. So why don’t you guys want to read it? Even Facebook dispatched 300 or so interested visitors! If thousands liked it, maybe you will too!

The truth is, I am dreading the next few weeks when I must resign myself to business as usual once the dust has settled, and live with that spike at the left hand side of my stats bar to remind me of my fifteen minutes of fame. πŸ™‚



  1. Maybe you have stumbled onto the raison d’etre for your writing. The general issue of homelessness is difficult to get across in our busy world. By giving a name and backstory to ‘The Bag Lady of Chiswick’, you made it personal, created an immediate impact and also gave a lot of people an opportunity to reflect on how lucky they are – there but for the grace of God etc. Many Chiswick people I know are linking it around Facebook, and commenting on your story in there.

    There are many other people like Miss Smith, I can think of two others in Chiswick alone who could provide an interesting story to tell. I also imagine most boroughs or towns would have their own famous tramps and homeless people. Perhaps you should keep up the research, who knows, you might make us all think a little harder about how our society treats those living on the edges. Good luck.


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