The Noble Art

Boxing Gym

Photoprompt – copyright J Hardy Carrol

The Noble Art (100 words)

Mickey ‘the Bull’ watched his protégé spar. Thirty years in the game and he’d never had a prospect like Byron Thomas– the kid was a freak of nature.

Now, with the challenger out, Mickey had got the call and Byron was on the brink of the big time – and with him, Mickey the Bull.

Two men in expensive suits swaggered into the gym, nodding to Mickey. “The kid’s good, Bull, but tomorrow’s not his night. He goes down in the fifth, Bull, remember, or we’ll be seeing you.”

Mickey sighed; he’d waited thirty years, he could wait a little longer.

26 thoughts on “The Noble Art

    1. It’s the pesky Mob, they have such a strangle hold on boxing. Mickey knows better than to cross them. Byron will be OK, he’s young and has plenty of time. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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  1. I know Mickey doesn’t want to be swimming with the fishes but it’s sad for this coulda been a contender.
    Good boxing story … I enjoyed it. I used to watch boxing with my father who was a big fan during the 60’s.
    Have a perfect Sunday …
    Isadora 😎


  2. Dear JWD,

    This one left me on the edge of my seat. Will Mickey opt for self-preservation or pursue the dream and pay the consequences. Perhaps someone will take out the suits or turn them over to the Feds before they can make good on their threats. (I’m an optimist). Good one.




    1. Ha ha, reading your comment reminded me of a comedy series I used to watch back in the eighties called ‘Soap’. There was always a talkie bit at the end where a narrator used to say things like; ‘will someone take out the suits before they take out Mickey? Tune in next week… You could have a glittering career as a voiceover ahead of you…


  3. You’ve written your story fluently, and you’ve found a good voice for it; I particularly liked “the kid was a freak of nature”. I would have found it more gripping if Mickey had shown more grit, though.

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    1. I would have liked to explore further the role the Mob plays in the outcome of boxing matches, but I (and Mickey) ran out of words. Thank you very much for your kind comments 😀

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  4. Great take on the prompt and I can picture the whole thing…
    Now… what decision will Mickey take… and will Byron be willing to take the fall if that is what his coach tells him to!


      1. Darn tooting! Makes me think of the character played by Bruce Willis in “Pulp Fiction” – only the fighter is the one most in trouble, I should think!


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