Anne of Chiswick

Six months after removing my article on Anne of Chiswick I have had a change of heart and put it back up for the public to read. Why? Because the decision I made at the time was in response to pressure I felt from a few aggressive individuals who resented what I had written and I was shaken by their hostility towards me. Now, after the dust has settled and I have had time to reflect on things I regret that I allowed myself to be bullied into removing it and have decided to publish and be damned. I have learned something though and I won’t be allowing the comments to be posted without very careful consideration.

Most of the information about Anne was collected from articles that I have found on the internet and in particular the Daily Mail and I am unable to vouch for the accuracy of the information. When I originally published this article I also published many comments about Anne and I felt that as the story spread around the world many of the comments I allowed to be posted were little more than gossip.

I received a number of emails from people who were angry at what they felt was an intrusion into Anne’s privacy and I issued an apology to Anne for any distress the article and comments had caused. I took the article down, in no small part due to the pressure I felt from the animosity that the article had aroused in some people but a little part of me regretted that decision.

Six months on I have decided to put the article back on my blog and for those who still wish to read her fascinating story you can find it at: because you know what? THIS IS MY BLOG. If that decision makes you angry – well, you can always write a post about it and put it up on yours. 🙂

One thought on “Anne of Chiswick

  1. I meet Anne a few times while I was leaving in Emlyn road and Im very sad to hear because some moron decided to have a petition to remove her from her home that was her car dhe now is living in bushes,very sad indeed.I dont know how this moron can sleep at night.Karma is will came to hunt them


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