Friday Fictioneers 12 April 2013 -The Traveller

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fictioneers! For those that don’t already know, Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers from around the world who create a story in 100 words from a photo prompt posted by our host, Rochelle Wissoff-Fields each Wednesday. My contribution is posted below the photo prompt, as always comments are most welcome, good or bad (constructive please!) and will ensure a reciprocal visit. I hope you enjoy!


Copyright – Sandra Crook

The Traveller (100 Words)

“What kinda bike is that?” said the wide-eyed teenager. The traveller smiled, popping the kickstand.

“One like you’ve never seen before.” he replied, entering the shop. When he returned the youth was still admiring.

“Can I sit on her?” begged the youth.

“Knock yourself out.”

The boy mounted, his face a mask of joy. “Wanna start her up?” the traveller indulged.

“Boy do I!”

“Okay, press that button there, but don’t touch the…”

Motorcycle and boy tore away amidst a fiery glow. A blinding flash, a sonic boom, and they vanished into whenever.

“…Red button.” finished the traveller.



  1. You’re safe this week, jwd. Even though you’re stalking me by always posting right after mine, I don’t have a time machine. Your story, besides being humorous, flowed very smoothly and believably (except for the time machine part, of course.) Those red buttons are simply irresistible!!


    Your shameless attempt at getting comments did NOT go unnoticed, BTW!! 🙂


    • Thanks Carolyn, you wouldn’t believe the problems I have had trying to comment on your story and to reply to your comment. For some reason every time I try (eight times now, this is the ninth) my internet connection bombs out when I try to post. Here goes…


  2. Haha this was funny 🙂 i’m glad what I read surpassed my anticipation and expectations. Wonderful piece, truly looking forward to the next one.


  3. I think you dropped that last line in perfectly, it’s great pacing. I’d briefly considered time machine, because it looks so much like the one in the movie ( to me, anyway), but you’ve done such a great job, I’m glad I didn’t go with it. 🙂


  4. When you look at the picture it just screams a time machine doesn’t it? I thought that at first, but mine changed a bit during the writing and editing. Well done!


  5. Did the kid look a little like Michael J. Fox? Wonder how many generations will pass before he returns? Enjoyed this. Loved the pause at the end … then zapping us with ..”red button.” Nice work. Tks for visiting my Dumb Rednecks.


  6. I enjoyed this story and a couple of others I read after coming to your site. Thanks for visiting mine and the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post representing Change.


    • You are most welcome, and thank you for the visit and the kind words. I was in a bit of a hurry looking through earlier but I will pop back and look in more depth when I have more time. 🙂


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