The Path to Enlightenment

Image Copyright – CE Ayr

Welcome to this week’s offering for Friday Fictioneers. The task is to come up with a story in 100 words or less using the picture as a prompt. My story is below, I hope you enjoy it. At the bottom of the story is a link where you kind find other people’s stories to read. Why not have a go yourself? πŸ™‚

The Path to Enlightenment – 100 words

They stopped at the crossroads wondering which of the three paths to take.

β€œWhich way d’you think the Swami went?” Asked Brenda, doubtfully.

β€œif you get lost in a maze just keep going left.” Said Brody scratching his chin.

β€œThat just leads you back where you started,” Shannon argued, β€œand this is supposed to be the path to enlightenment. Look! This path has the infinity sign, it must be a clue!”

β€œAnd here comes the Swami! Master, did you leave this as a sign for us?”

β€œThat?” said the Swami, β€œoh no, my shoelace broke when I was tying it.”

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40 thoughts on “The Path to Enlightenment

    1. We all see our own stories in the prompt (although sometimes I don’t see anything!) but it was the infinity β™Ύ shape that the cord made, by design or accident, that triggered something for me. I guess some people just want others to take responsibility. Thanks for reading 😊


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