Just another day…

Today began as a typical day in the Dunford-Castro household. I woke up this morning to be told that there was no milk, and therefore there would be no tea until there was.  I got up and dressed in my usual pre-tea stupor and went to the local shop where I bought bread and milk, […]

The Punishment Room

I decided after writing the longer version for this story that I would give you both to read, on the off chance you had sufficient time for another 235 words, I very much prefer it. You can find the full story below this week’s FF entry. Hope you enjoy 🙂 The Punishment Room (100 words) […]

The Snow Globe – A Christmas Story

As Christmas is the time for repeats I thought I would post a repeat of my own, especially as I haven’t written many stories lately. Hope you enjoy 🙂 The Snow Globe – A Christmas Story The slender man in the donkey jacket and flat cap stamped his feet, the thick soles of his boots […]


Photo ©Jean L Hays “Just the gas and a couple of questions,” said Fisk, flashing his badge. Arvo nodded, barking “lleno!” to a Latino youth.  They walked inside and Arvo began rummaging under the counter. Fisk scanned his surroundings, trained eyes alighting on the fresh crimson spray that was missed during a hasty clean-up. He […]

Sorry – from a bad friend

Some time in early April, after a veritable splurge of activity, I stopped posting. I never made a conscious decision that I wouldn’t write anything new, but somehow, while I was ‘in the zone’ with my writing, life caught up with me. Little by little I had begun to immerse myself deeper and deeper into […]