The Oddcast, Season 2

Hey, good to see you, how are you? No I didn’t die, and I am sorry if I neglected you, but I am here now. There, there, I will try not to stay away so long in the future. What do you mean? Of course I care about you! Look, I’ve got you something, I […]

The Diorama

She looks at the Diorama, then back at Shelby, then repeats the sequence. She raises her left hand to her chest, fingers splayed, pearl manicured nails flashing in the workshop lights and begins tap, tap, tapping her chest, sending little quivering shocks through the open cleavage of her ample breasts. She is panting now, her breasts rising and falling with the rapid expanding and contracting, still quivering as she taps faster.  The warmth and relaxation that followed the meal and the wine is now evaporating amidst a rising panic.

The Spirit Guide

“Day and night cannot dwell together!” Spotted Bear rose from the table and strode angrily from the house. “Please Papa,” Christina called after him, “you’re more alike than you know.” Her husband John gently placed his hand on her swelling womb, her restless skin rippling beneath his touch. As Spotted Bear walked off his fury […]

Empty Nest

Photo prompt © Douglas M. MacIlroy Empty Nest (100 words) Empty nest syndrome, the counsellor had called it. Get yourselves a hobby, he’d told them. Now Malcolm sat in his workshop, talking to his birds – ‘the man cave’ Marjorie had mockingly labelled it – and tried not to think about his wife, or her […]

The Snow Globe – A Christmas Story

The slender man in the donkey jacket and flat cap stamped his feet, the thick soles of his boots grinding and scratching at the frozen pavement beneath. The fingerless gloves on his calloused hands made a dull popping sound as he clapped them together in an effort to keep warm. He’d learned to keep moving […]