Little Feet

Nathan inhaled deeply and held his breath, allowing the chemicals in the smoke to pass into his bloodstream. He exhaled slowly, feeling the cool wave of intoxication that followed liberate his mind from the cage of reason. Under the covers at his side, thin bony fingers found the outside of his right thigh and slipped softly over the top of it to explore his groin. 

The Break-up

 “Do you remember our first date?” she asked, as they admired the waterfall.

“Of course,” he smiled, “it was right here. You got drunk and nearly drowned.”

“I couldn’t swim, you saved my life. I felt…”

“Indebted to me?” he grinned.


It’s Wednesday again and that means… Friday Fictioneers! This weeks offering is a dystopian tale where our hero, Emerson, lives a solitary existence following a natural disaster that has left the world largely under water. Inspired by last week’s post by Gabriele at Flights of Fancy who wrote so passionately about the environment. Purgatory (100 words) […]

Think Happy Thoughts

 Think Happy Thoughts (100 words) Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy   When the generator failed Howard put on his coat and lit some candles. Was that howling outside just the wind clawing and scratching at the shelter, or the angry cries of the fell beasts laying siege to his refuge? He peeled the skin from […]

Diamond In The Rough

First time for a few weeks and I really struggled to come up with something for this prompt, but here it, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 Copyright – Dawn M. Miller Diamond in the Rough – 100 Words “Sign here and initial here, please sir,” said the ponytailed giant, his huge, bejewelled finger tapping […]