Tales from the Oddcast – Episode 3

This week’s Podcast story is Advice from Mum. You can find the text version below for those of you who prefer using your eyes to listening with your ears. If you missed the podcast, don’t worry, it’s still there and available on eight different podcast platforms, all you have to do is to follow the link […]

The Diorama

She looks at the Diorama, then back at Shelby, then repeats the sequence. She raises her left hand to her chest, fingers splayed, pearl manicured nails flashing in the workshop lights and begins tap, tap, tapping her chest, sending little quivering shocks through the open cleavage of her ample breasts. She is panting now, her breasts rising and falling with the rapid expanding and contracting, still quivering as she taps faster.  The warmth and relaxation that followed the meal and the wine is now evaporating amidst a rising panic.

The Hoarder

  image copyright Jan Wayne Fields Serena looked at the miserable figure that stood before her, his knobbly, mottled hands thrust resolutely into the pockets of an oversized navy parker that spoke of a time when it’s owner had been larger and more robust. Small grey eyes, too weak to meet her own, surveyed the […]

The Last Supper

Welcome once more to Friday Fictioneers. Here is this week’s piece, I struggled with this one and I think it shows. After enlarging the image I got the idea that it was a jewellery store (hope my American friends can forgive the British English spellings!) Feel free to comment and I will do my best […]