The Oddcast, Season 2

Hey, good to see you, how are you? No I didn’t die, and I am sorry if I neglected you, but I am here now. There, there, I will try not to stay away so long in the future. What do you mean? Of course I care about you! Look, I’ve got you something, I […]

Ignis Avem!

Photo copyright – J Hardy Carroll Charcoal and water shone black in the moonlight as Bateman picked his way through the charred ruins of the house, the old man’s warning echoing in his head – Ignis Avem! “This is where the fire started.” The fireman said, pointing to a scorch-mark on what used to be […]


Photo ©Jean L Hays “Just the gas and a couple of questions,” said Fisk, flashing his badge. Arvo nodded, barking “lleno!” to a Latino youth.  They walked inside and Arvo began rummaging under the counter. Fisk scanned his surroundings, trained eyes alighting on the fresh crimson spray that was missed during a hasty clean-up. He […]

Al Dente Con Tableau

Friday Fictioneers  – 17th June 2016 What a tough prompt this week! Had to go with humour with such a ridiculous (in a good way) image on offer this week, I am sure this was one I missed last time around and I seriously thought of missing it this time. Other people’s stories can be […]

The Voices

Here is my new offering for this weeks Friday Fictioneers. Looks like I found time after all. 🙂 Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy The Voices – 99 Words It was after the fall the voices began. Not just English, so many languages it was hard to understand anything.  “It’s like this plate in my head […]

The Book of Thoth

  Welcome to this week’s offering for Friday Fictioneers, if you fancy having a go yourself the rules are simple, write a story in 100 words or less with a beginning, middle and end inspired by the weekly photo prompt posted by Rochelle, our host. Click on the blue frog after the story for much […]

Cyprian The Slayer

  Friday Fictioneers is a group of people who write stories in response to a photo prompt posted every wednesday by our host, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The challenge is to write a story that has a beginning a middle and an end while sticking to the word limit. To read other peoples entries click on the […]

The Ransom

“Guillermo Montoya Cabreza?”

“Who is this?”

“Shut up and listen. We have your daughter.  Ten million, you have one week. Contact no-one, wait for instructions. Understand?”

Winter Wonderland

Friday Fictioneers – 24th April 2015 Photoprompt – Copyright Douglas MacIlroy Winter Wonderland – 100 Words Chris Blake raised his shock rifle and took aim. Forty years in cryo-sleep travelling across the galaxy all for a new life on an enormous snowball inhabited by carnivorous, giant Yetis! He’d heard of the enduring nightmares some suffered while […]


“I don’t understand, it was right around here.” Ansell scratched his jaw and scanned the field for the tree – their tree. Clouds of curling vapour issued from his mouth with each wheezing breath to unravel and disperse in the crisp morning air. His mind wandered back to warm summer days under that tree drinking […]