The Punishment Room

I decided after writing the longer version for this story that I would give you both to read, on the off chance you had sufficient time for another 235 words, I very much prefer it. You can find the full story below this week’s FF entry. Hope you enjoy 🙂 The Punishment Room (100 words) […]

Visiting Time

This story was inspired by the prompt, though it may be hard to see a connection. I imagined a shooting at the diner in the photo leading to the incarceration of one of the characters and the inevitable strain placed on a relationship when people are forcibly separated. I am  of course typically late to […]

The Therapist

Cooper sat nervous and alone on the vinyl bench seating in the therapists waiting room. On the other side of the bland white room the Afro-Caribbean receptionist sat at a battered imitation oak desk, reading The Enquirer. She never raised her eyes to make contact with his, or offered Cooper any other communication than the […]


Welcome to this week’s posting for Friday Fictioneers, a group of people who write a piece of fiction in around 100 words based on a photo prompt. The group is hosted byRochelle Wissoff-Fields and you are cordially invited to read, and comment and join in too if you feel like having a go! You can find the […]

Make-Up Girl

“Hello Emily, Mrs Warren is waiting for you in room 2,” said a serious looking man in a dark grey suit. “Thanks Mr Drake, I’ll get straight to work.” The young woman smiled and headed for a pair of oak panelled doors with a polished brass number 2 above them on the frame. She opened […]

The Escape

It’s been a while since I have posted, and unfortunately I am not going to be able to post much for the next week or two, so I thought I would put up a little short story to tide you over. It is called ‘The Escape’, and it is set in a fantasy world, but […]