The Hoarder

  image copyright Jan Wayne Fields Serena looked at the miserable figure that stood before her, his knobbly, mottled hands thrust resolutely into the pockets of an oversized navy parker that spoke of a time when it’s owner had been larger and more robust. Small grey eyes, too weak to meet her own, surveyed the […]


“Grey suit, red tie – don’t look up!” hissed Freddie at the bewildered Miranda, “He was there at La Sagrada and again on Las Ramblas, drink up!” The cup, grasped in trembling hands, chattered against her teeth. Six countries in four months yet they had found them again. A glass exploded on the bar startling her, […]

In the company of ghosts

Brian Orman 04/03/1934 – 11/05/2014 Today at 3pm, compelled by love, respect, compassion and duty, a family came together. Like so many seeds scattered on the wind we have each blown our separate ways, to land where we will and set down our own fragile roots. Years pass, relationships blossom and develop and others, once […]

The Carpenter’s Tale

Title: The Carpenter’s Tale – A short(ish) story                                                                 Word count:  4188 Frank Ward stood back and admired his craftsmanship. He had built his […]