Prizes & Awards

TrophyI have noticed that many bloggers have an award page like this to show off their silverware, but unfortunately I had nothing of the sort as I haven’t won anything yet. For the five months since I started my blog I looked on with envy and admiration at those wonderful bloggers who could boast a competition win or an honourable mention.

And then today it struck me like a thunderbolt; I have only ever entered one writing competition, and that was in 2010. It was called I’m A Columnist Get Me Outta Here! and it is an annual writing competition run by The Bournemouth Daily Echo to write a newspaper column on the subject of your choice between 450 and 600 words.

I am very proud to tell you that I was one of the winning entries, and I had my entry published with the very same little photo that you see on my blog, together with a short accompanying Bio. I was, and am so proud of this modest achievement, but to date it remains the only writing competition I have ever entered. The incredible thing to me is that for the past five months I had completely overlooked my only competition win.

I posted this story a few weeks back when work commitments left me unable to blog for a number of days but it hasn’t had much traffic so if you would like to read it, click the link below and blow hard on the screen to clear away the dust. 🙂


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