The Snow Globe – A Christmas Story

As Christmas is the time for repeats I thought I would post a repeat of my own, especially as I haven’t written many stories lately. Hope you enjoy 🙂 The Snow Globe – A Christmas Story The slender man in the donkey jacket and flat cap stamped his feet, the thick soles of his boots […]

Quest – Weekly Photo Challenge

When I saw this week’s challenge I drew a complete blank. I couldn’t think of a link to any of the pictures I had taken recently and scrolled through a lot of images before I finally admitted defeat. Then, this evening I took my youngest son to Christchurch Quay to catch some Pokémon. As we […]

Cherry On Top

For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge I took this picture on a day when my wife and I took our youngest son to Kimmeridge Bay. We saw many beautiful things yesterday but for me Corfe Castle is such a magical and imposing sight it had to be be the Cherry On Top. 🙂

Island – The Daily Prompt

  “No man is an island,” she said, only one corner of her mouth upturned, as if the other side gave evidence of the lack of her conviction. I said nothing, for nothing came to mind. I did not wish to lend the impression that my mood had lightened, or my resolution softened, yet I […]


After a family wedding, a  fabulous Christmas and three weeks spent in sunny Ecuador, South America, I wouldn’t say that familia Dunford Castro were aching for the grey skies of Inglaterra, but we were certainly looking forward to seeing our beloved Chihuahua, Hercules. So much so in fact that just two days after our return […]

Adventure In Paradise – Part 2

During my many excursions to W H Smith and Waterstones bookstores, I have completely failed to notice the yellow and black cover of that literary masterpiece ‘Travelling with Kids for Dummies’. I can’t say that I particularly looked for it, but I am pretty sure that had it been there, I would have picked it […]

Adventure in Paradise – Part 1

“I’m bored with Europe,” she said, “I want to go somewhere different.” If my wife had possessed the slightest inkling of how events were to unfold, she might not have offered me the license she did to come up with such an unusual destination. We had been set on a trip to Egypt, but the […]

Daily Prompt – No, thank you

Daily Prompt – No, Thank You.  If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why? There are lots of words that people use in everyday conversation today that I find irritating. It isn’t so much the words that offend me as the context, or lack thereof, in which […]