The Bag Lady of Chiswick

For many years now when travelling to London, I have chosen to park the car in Chiswick and take the tube into London from either Turnham Green, or Stamford Brook tube station. When we catch the tube at Stamford Brook we park the car in Welstead Way car park, just a few minutes walk from the […]

A Storm in a Tea Cup?

On Tuesday night, amidst the fires of Polish patriotism, the mighty England football team played with courage, unity and no little skill to prevail against a dangerous and talented Poland team set up to play counter-attacking football at a breath-taking pace. In the national euphoria that immediately followed qualification for the World Cup in Brazil […]

Project O

If there is anyone out there who still isn’t reading Opinionated Man‘s excellent blog Harsh Reality then I recommend it to you. OM has come up with a project to investigate Opinions and it looks interesting. He has devised a template list of questions and asks for honesty in completing them. I have completed this […]

Daily Prompt: P.C.

Daily Prompt: P.C. by michelle w. on August 11, 2013 Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion?  Photographers, artists, poets: show us USEFUL. Who doesn’t have an opinion on Political Correctness? I certainly do. To me PC is an insidious cancer in our society that stifles honest debate and homogenizes our […]

MMR – Is anyone telling the truth?

Copyright Sanofi Pasteur On Thursday of this week the number of Measles cases in the Swansea area of Wales rose to almost 700, making it the largest outbreak in the UK for over ten years. Health officials have urged parents to take their children to specially set up vaccination centres in the hope of preventing […]

Blogging in the Wild, Wild West

Yeeeee Haaaa! Howdy Pardner? Welcome to Jimmy The Kid’s Wild West Blog! Why don’t y’all come on in to my saloon and grab y’self a spitoon? photo credit: Drriss via photopin cc Not one for corny western dialogue murdered by an Englishman? Me neither, so let’s get on with business shall we? I enjoy quality […]