Words of One Syllable – Revisited

For an exercise in one of my writing groups one afternoon, the facilitator set us the task of writing a couple of paragraphs of prose or a short, short story written in words of just one syllable.

I had forgotten what I produced that afternoon, having consigned it by accident to a seldom used corner of my laptop, there to gather dust in hope more than expectation that it might be rediscovered.

I very much enjoyed the exercise that day and shared it with another group I belong to that hopefully found it as challenging as I did to string together something that read easily, offered at least a passing nod to the constraints of grammar and didn’t feel stilted and unnatural.

Today while tidying up my laptop I found that first effort and thought I would share it with you below. Why not have a go yourself? It’s not as easy as it looks!

Day Break

The long hours since she had lain down in that bed have brought no sleep to speak of and she aches with the loss of him.

A draught brings a chill to her back in that space where the heat from his great frame used to warm her, and her feet arc back to find no legs, no feet, just quilt and yet more bed.

A ray of fresh dawn light finds a crack in the drape to paint a bright line on the room’s wall and she turns her head to watch the specks of dust dance and swirl in a slow waltz in front of her sore, red eyes.

At the first ring of the clock, her arm snakes out to stop the noise… and she sees him.

From the frame by the bed, his warm smile sends her strength.

Life, he used to say, goes on.

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