Will Macron save Brexit?

pcoAaEaxiWhen Britain voted to leave the EU almost three years ago Theresa May should have told the British People and the world at large that we were leaving without a deal. Businesses and the Government would have had time to prepare and the public would have kept faith with the democratic process. Her slogans ‘Brexit means Brexit’, and ‘No Deal is better than a Bad Deal’ would not have rung so hollow in Europe and at home if the world had watched us actually preparing to leave the EU.

The time to form a Government of National Unity was then, when we voted out and the EU began to treat us like an enemy state, when the propaganda war started and the EU began interfering in the democracy of our country, sowing the seeds of fear in the people of Britain that we would run out of food, medicines and other vital supplies, that our own goods could not be exported due to expiration of licenses and lack of conformity. We were warned that our economy would collapse, unemployment and inflation would go up and house prices and living standards would tumble as we languished in recession while Europe raced ahead without us. They hoped for regime change and a U-turn on the referendum result, they sought to destroy our Government and in this they have been successful with the collusion of our MPs.

This week, as Theresa May debases and humiliates herself and our once proud nation before the eyes of the world, begging the EU for an extension to keep Britain in a club that the majority of her people voted to leave, is it not perverse that the hopes of that majority depend upon the courage (or vanity) of the French president, Emmanuel Macron?

He has already indicated that he has run out of patience with May’s excuses that the dog ate her homework and is now ready to expel her and the rest of us, unless something changes this week. In this high stakes game of political poker Macron has upped the ante. If he wins and the Government finds a way to erase a red line or two to fudge a majority, Britain gets a soft Brexit and a crippled democracy for years to come. If May, Corbin and the rest of the motley crew that call themselves parliamentarians continue to bicker, No Deal may be the only cards we are left holding.

What a damning indictment of our democracy it will be, if Instead of our elected parliament, defiant in their bid to thwart the will of its people, our best hope to deliver on the choice that we made and declare once and for all that the time for procrastination is over, lies in the hands of a foreign Leader.


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