The Witness


Trivet pulled absently at the imaginary tie constricting his throat and flinched at every silhouette passing the compartment door.

Agent Stark smiled, crossed his legs and turned the page on his newspaper as Illinois blurred into Wisconsin through the grubby Hiawatha window. “Relax Trivet, we never lost a witness yet.”

The door slid noiselessly open and Trivet momentarily shrivelled before recognising the train guard, who clipped their tickets and left.

A new life beckoned if Trivet could just live long enough to testify. Gazing out at Lake Michigan Trivet didn’t hear the door open, and he never saw the gun.

25 thoughts on “The Witness

  1. Very stylish writing indeed! ‘Silhouette’, ‘blurred’ and ‘grubby Hiawatha window’ – all these words describing the lack of clarity of physical vision, and transferring their emotional charge to our understanding of Trivet’s state of mind. Great stuff!

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