The Lineup


Photo Copyright – Nick Allen

“Take a good look, Owen,” said the cop. “If you see the right one just tap it carefully on the handle.”

Owen scratched his salt and pepper stubble and squinted at the line of oil cans. His eyes came to rest on a pale blue oiler with a long, narrow spout, its shiny tin body glinting in the station lights where the paint had been buffed away.

As Owen reached out to tap the handle, his sleeve gave the can body the softest of brushes.  Thick grey smoke billowed instantly from the spout, accompanied by a deep and evil laugh…

29 thoughts on “The Lineup

  1. Love how you turned the cliche of the police perp lineup on its head. This is howyou catch an offending genie!

    Although how you lock him away, now that he’s out( especially when your star witness has a vested interest–the granting of his wish–in the genie’s freedom) is another issue entirely.

    I think this cop may grow a few new grey hairs as a result of this case!

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