Empty Nest


Photo prompt © Douglas M. MacIlroy

Empty Nest (100 words)

Empty nest syndrome, the counsellor had called it. Get yourselves a hobby, he’d told them.

Now Malcolm sat in his workshop, talking to his birds – ‘the man cave’ Marjorie had mockingly labelled it – and tried not to think about his wife, or her new Tango partner.

Funny, he thought, While I’m tending my birds, she’s out spreading her wings. His phone buzzed and he tapped to read it:

Going for a drink with Brian after Tango, don’t wait up.

 Something snapped.

He stood robotically, grabbed a claw-hammer from his toolbox and went back to the house to wait for her.

24 thoughts on “Empty Nest

  1. Well all he had to do was get off his duff and tango with his wife! What did he expect? Her to sit around while he putzed around in his mancave?
    Don’t come back, Marjory!!

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