God’s Instrument

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 23.36.55

Photo by Kevin Chach – Basurero Zona 3 Guatemala City,  google maps

God’s Instrument  (150 words) – Flash Fiction

“What is this, Nicolas?” Manuel looked at the flyer his son had brought him.

“They’re offering free violin lessons after school,” said his son, “but I need an instrument.”

Manuel shook his head. “I told you to forget this foolish dream. You must study, or you will end up a Churequero like me!”

“Si, Papa” sighed Nicolas, picking up his schoolbooks.

Manuel smiled to himself and went to the backyard where he improvised whatever he could find to recycle and sell on, eking out a living to feed his family from other people’s discarded rubbish.

“I found these in the basurero.” His wife Maria whispered, arriving excitedly, clutching a bunch of cables.

“Gracias a Dios!” cried Manuel, and taking the cables he set to work.

When he had finished Manuel put an arm around his wife and held up the instrument. “Mira, our son is going to be a musician!”

A short story for What Pegman Saw

This story was inspired the incredible story of the Landfillharmonic Orchestra which although happened in Paraguay, could just as easily have happened in Guatemala. It is an amazing uplifting story that is well worth checking out if you are not already familiar with it. You can see their fantastic story at the link below. 🙂




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