The day Democracy died in Ecuador


My fellow human beings. Please read this post, look at the videos and share this story with everyone you know, because this story will not be told in the newspapers. Nor will not be shown on the news, because our government, and every government in the western world is busy turning a blind eye to the latest South American Dictatorship.

Today the people of Ecuador woke up with hope in their hearts that they could exercise their democratic rights to vote for the president of their choice. This right has been cynically and systematically taken out of their hands and trampled under the oppressive boot of the government of Rafael Correa.

I am asking everyone I know, and everyone I don’t know who happens to read this post to help to expose this sham election for the outrageous fraud it truly is.

The videos below are in Spanish, so unless you speak the language the evidence is hard to witness, so here as briefly as I can tell you is a summary of what my sources tell me is occurring.

In a country that has an electorate of around 12 million, over 500,000 fake IDs are known to have found their way into circulation, with some estimates putting the number at as many as 3 million. Each of these fake identities is a license to place a vote in this election.

One video shows a woman being given a ballot paper ALREADY FILLED IN with the government’s official candidate endorsed. The voter is then REFUSED a new ballot paper when she asks for one.

Another video shows election adjudicators being told they are going to be beaten by police who have arrived in numbers to interfere with the counting.

There are pictures of ID cards clearly issued to children who are no doubt under instructions how to vote.

In the opposition stronghold city of Guayaquil in the South of Ecuador, there are stories of voters not being given pens to cast their vote. One video shows that voters are being given pens that use a gel ink that can be easily wiped away.

Another video shows adjudicators demanding to see a box of ballot papers they believe have been filled in prior to being given to voters, but the adjudicators are refused permission to examine them.

One photo shows two men sat in a car with piles of ballot papers, apparently in the act of committing election fraud.

Here in Britain we have a history of cherishing and defending democracy. We fought two World Wars to defend the principles of freedom and democracy, and today we enjoy and exercise the right to choose who makes our decisions for us.

Please help to spread the truth about what is happening in Ecuador right now, and share this post on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram and on WordPress. Don’t let this scandal pass unrecorded, unreported and unnoticed.








Children illegally given voter status



Two men in a car tampering with Ballot Papers

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