Visiting Time

This story was inspired by the prompt, though it may be hard to see a connection. I imagined a shooting at the diner in the photo leading to the incarceration of one of the characters and the inevitable strain placed on a relationship when people are forcibly separated. I am  of course typically late to the party, but hey, its Christmas 🙂


copyright – Roger Bultot

Visiting Time -100 words

Erin sat at a battered wooden table and waited for Marko. The powerful frame of her husband appeared in the visiting room doorway and he sat opposite her, calloused hands grasping her own, separation’s suffering etched in the criss-crossed lines of his tattooed face.

Their exchange was a script, the usual opening niceties before the raw emotion of the parting wrench.

But she was done.

There would be no more visits.

He pleaded with her, begged her, but she was resolute.

When the bell rang to end visiting time she prised her fingers from his and returned to her cell.


  1. Dear JWD,

    Interesting twist at the end since you led this reader to believe that Marko was the one incarcerated. As for how you got there from this prompt. Eh. As George Harrison wrote, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

    Holiday shalom,



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