FF – Door Dilemma

My first draft of this story yesterday came in at 368 words so I quickly abandoned it believing that there was no way I could chop it down to fit. This evening I decided to have another go and managed to shoe-horn it into the required word count.

Like most pieces that start out much longer, I had to say goodbye to the parts of the text that I had most enjoyed writing, sacrificing what seemed to me to be all the best bits in order to make it fit. I hope that what is left still hangs together for the reader, I have the benefit of knowing what was edited out, so I am not really the best of judges.

The inspiration for this short story was obviously (if you have seen it) that classic movie, The Labyrinth – does that make me a cheat? Rochelle, if you get around to reading this perhaps you can adjudicate!


copyright – CEayr

Door Dilemma – 100 words

“Behind one door lies freedom,” snarled the demon, “behind the other, certain death. You may ask my door Guardians one question, but beware, one always lies, the other is always honest.” The demon conjured an hourglass, “you have until the sands run out!”

Arabella approached a guardian, “will the other guardian tell me your door is safe?”

“Yes,” rasped the guardian, “he will.”

“If you’re lying, it’s the other door,” she reasoned, “and if you are truthful, he would be lying and it’s the other door!”

She ran to the other door, yanked it open and stepped through to freedom.


  1. I had to think about that one, but a couple of reads and I was there. Good one, and well done for sticking at it to get the wordcount down. You may feel you lost something, but everything was there for the story to be understood. And it flowed.


  2. I think this is complet, I’m not missing a thing. And thanks for the solution of that riddle, I never get these things. Must watch Labyrinth again. 🙂

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