Write a story in 100 words inspired by the photo prompt with a beginning, a middle and an end, that’s the challenge every week at Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle. Click the blue frog below for other people’s stories. 🙂


Photo ©Jean L Hays

Manhunt – 100 Words

“Just the gas and a couple of questions,” said Fisk, flashing his badge.

Arvo nodded, barking “lleno!” to a Latino youth.  They walked inside and Arvo began rummaging under the counter.

Fisk scanned his surroundings, trained eyes alighting on the fresh crimson spray that was missed during a hasty clean-up.

He reached inside his suit jacket just as the first bullet struck, piercing his palm and shattering his right ventricle, the second ripping apart his aorta.

Agent Sipovitz was just registering events as the third 9mm bullet made a jigsaw of his skull.

“Gordo!” shouted Arvo, “We got wheels again!”


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