If there is a link to this week’s title it’s in the wonky headlights of the cross-eyed car that glared at me as I struggled to record the amazing array of colours in this April sunset. On another day I might have waited to get this shot from our house, with the beautiful field and river that meanders lazily past completing the idyllic picture.

But on this day I felt sure it was a moment that would not last and needed to be recorded right then and there. So here it is, completely in the raw, without make-up, un-retouched. There has been no adjustment of the saturation, no fiddling with the brightness, contrast, or black point. No filter either. Zip, zilch, ninguno.

This is nature in the buff, so beautiful I could only stand and gawp up at her.  When, eventually, my reluctant eyes turned away and fell upon the ugly scars of roads and the hideous scabs of the buildings that blight our beautiful planet, I felt in that moment just a little bit guilty, just a tiny bit embarrassed to be a part of the human race.


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