Mirror – The Weekly Photo Challenge

I was travelling back to Christchurch from Ringwood one morning last week and found the road ahead of me gridlocked with tourists and angry locals all bumper to bumper, struggling to get onto the wessex way and facing a long, slow painful wait.

I just had time to detour before I was committed to the same fate and took the back roads through Ringwood and over the Avon Causeway which mercifully wasn’t too congested. As I approached the bridge over the river Avon I decided to stop and get a few quick snaps of the beautiful meadow with the Avon snaking away into the distance. I leaned over the bridge and saw the reflection of the sun straining to peep through the clouds and at the same time I could see the reeds under the surface of the water.

I took the picture which you can see below and I was struck afterwards by the way the water has made the image appear almost like an acrylic painting. Yet if you look to the left hand side of the image you can see the reeds beneath the surface waving in the river current and it becomes apparent that the image is a reflection. I was very tempted to play with the image and crank up the saturation but decided in the end to leave well alone. Hope you like it 🙂



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