It’s Wednesday again and that means… Friday Fictioneers!

This weeks offering is a dystopian tale where our hero, Emerson, lives a solitary existence following a natural disaster that has left the world largely under water. Inspired by last week’s post by Gabriele at Flights of Fancy who wrote so passionately about the environment.


Purgatory (100 words)

The cans jangled violently, Emersonโ€™s makeshift trolley-traps had snared something. He leapt into his Kayak and paddled, eager for foodโ€™s comfort to ease the pain of solitude.

Not food, but what? Green eyes studied him while he worked to release her, three slashes on each side of her throat opening and closing, opening and closing.

She marvelled at the lack of skin between his fingers and gently touched his neck; how does he breathe?

With a splash she dived beneath, surfacing a little way off, waving and smiling. Come!

With a final glance at his world of Purgatory, Emerson followed.



  1. It makes me very glad that my story inspired you, this is a first for me! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I like this story very much, there are so many ideas in it. Maybe huge underground water reservoirs were tapped and the water people who lived there now have access to the oceans. This is fun… I only hope Emerson finds a way to breathe underwater, now that he’s found company.


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