Al Dente Con Tableau

Friday Fictioneers  – 17th June 2016

What a tough prompt this week! Had to go with humour with such a ridiculous (in a good way) image on offer this week, I am sure this was one I missed last time around and I seriously thought of missing it this time. Other people’s stories can be found by clicking on the blue frog.

Hope you enjoy 🙂


Copyright – John Nixon

Al Dente Con Tableau – 100 Words

…So there I am, up on the stage, only this time I’m dressed as a clown!  I’m halfway through Moonlight Sonata when the piano keys turn into teeth and bite me! Pretty soon the piano is swallowing me whole and the crowd can’t stop cheering!”

The psychiatrist frowned, opened his pad and scribbled frantically. “And how long have you been having this dream?”

“Every night for the past month! Please Doc, tell me, what does it mean?”

The  psychiatrist smiled, leaned forward and patted the patient’s wrist, “It means we’re going to be seeing rather a lot of each other.”

15 thoughts on “Al Dente Con Tableau

  1. Dear James,

    That’s quite a dream. I recently had a bizarre nightmare that I couldn’t make heads nor tails of. Then I found it was the perfect nightmare for one of my novel characters. Weird, huh? I think your MC has a strange fear of pianos. I’ll send you my bill shortly.




  2. Hehehe. I can see the dollar signs and the evil grin. Great fun, I’m glad you didn’t miss this prompt. 🙂


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