The Voices

Here is my new offering for this weeks Friday Fictioneers. Looks like I found time after all. 🙂


Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

The Voices – 99 Words

It was after the fall the voices began. Not just English, so many languages it was hard to understand anything.  “It’s like this plate in my head is a damned antenna and I’m picking up long-wave!” Ray joked.

Before long, Ray had stopped joking, stopped playing with his kids and stopped talking to his wife. There was just so much damned noise!

Then he found the diving helmet. When he wore it, there was silence in his head.

He wore it everywhere.

Then they came for him. They took the away the helmet, and locked him up…

…with the voices.

12 thoughts on “The Voices

  1. I have know a few people who would put on a tin hat, if it kept the noise at bay. But take it way and all hell breaks out.😩


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