The Book of Thoth


Welcome to this week’s offering for Friday Fictioneers, if you fancy having a go yourself the rules are simple, write a story in 100 words or less with a beginning, middle and end inspired by the weekly photo prompt posted by Rochelle, our host. Click on the blue frog after the story for much better offerings and how to post your story. Enjoy!

kent-b book

image copyright – Kent Bonham

The Book of Thoth (100 words)

On the chest of the Pharaoh Nefrekeptah the Book of Thoth lay open, glyphs and symbols shimmering in the stale tomb air.  ‘Quickly Baba, the incantation!’  whined Abasi’s shrill voice.

Baba despised the blind, decrepit Abasi, who’s obsession with recapturing youth had brought them to this hole. The young apprentice studied the book and began the recitation.

From the shrivelled mummy’s chest rose the ghostly Pharaoh’s Ka.  finishing the spell, Baba felt a strange tug inside and collapsed.

Weak, blind and vulnerable Baba awakened to the soft, mocking laugh of Nefrekeptah.

Abasi was gone, and with him Baba’s youth.

For more on the book of Thoth, click here.


  1. Great story- if you hadn’t stated clearly Egyptian things..Abasi and Baba read like Nigerian characters which I thoroughly enjoyed.


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