The Ransom

Posted for Friday Fictioneers -8th January 2016

Having just got back from South America might have something to do with my choice of story for this week’s photo prompt. Hope you enjoy. 🙂


The Ransom – (100 words)

“Guillermo Montoya Cabreza?”

“Who is this?”

“Shut up and listen. We have your daughter.  Ten million, you have one week. Contact no-one, wait for instructions. Understand?”

Guillermo understood, he knew better than to double-cross kidnappers. He waited at the deserted airstrip watching the air ripple beneath the approaching jet.

A pock-faced man in black disembarked the plane. Guillermo handed him a heavy leather holdall. The man opened the bag, flicked the bundles of notes and spoke into a walkie-talkie.

A small, frightened girl emerged from the plane and ran to her father’s arms.


That night, in Bogota, a telephone rang…

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